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beauty and brutality quietly knotted together in pathways,

weaving simultaneously into the past,

and stretching into the future.

why may we not have our heaven here (2020) is a multi-sensory exploration into the English and their complicated relationship with the land.

Discouraging our tendency to embrace skewed romantic ideals, it seeks to celebrate the realities of the country’s rural tapestry and embolden a more grounded, truthful respect.

It suggests the importance in becoming aware of the cyclical, interconnected nature of life and the world around us, and with this, looking to our often ignored folk past to recollect and find answers for the future.

This work was created with the belief that through reestablishing a path to our collective history as a nation or region, we can find holistic answers to current issues whilst also becoming more fulfilled both individually and collectively.

Originally intended to be shown in installation with a 35mm slide projector, this is a digital version.

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